Main engine wiring harness rebuild

Mercedes throttle body repair. LIMP MODE ISSUES

Throttle actuator removal and installation procedure on V8

Throttle actuator removal and installation on 6 cylinder cars

A/C evaporator replacement

W220 door lock and close assist pump repair

w140 Bose amplifier rebuild

W140 S class door close assist pump adjustment

W140 door lock pump motor replacement

W163 ML class repairs and upgrades


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This page contains information about repair work done to my cars. I also want to thank all people who posted very helpful information and write-ups about repair jobs they have performed on their cars and shared their knowledge with others like myself. I truly appreciate their help. Without their great write-ups I would not be able to do many repairs by myself. I would like to thank members of www.mercedesshop.com, their moderators and knowledgeable and experienced technicians who answered many of my questions and helped me with my particular car troubles. I also used alldata.com and Mitchell’s repair manuals. They both well worth the investment.

1988 Mercedes Benz 420SEL

Air/Fuel ratio adjusted

Engine and transmission mounts replaced

Transmission rebuilt (took it off on the street and rebuilt it in my basement)

Front suspension/steering rebuilt

Rear shocks and right side control arm replaced

In-dash CD player with CD changer installed in glove box

Recycle air flap actuators replaced (required dashboard removal)

Heater control valve replaced (no heat when accelerating and hot when idling)

Idle air valve replaced

Over-voltage protection relay replaced

Two tone interior. Original interior was beige. I installed burgundy seats, pillars, carpets, door handles, and some other interior pieces. It looked awesome. Very nice and contrast color combination. I don’t have pictures on this PC but I might find some on my old hard drive and will post them in this section.

1990 Mercedes Benz 300E

Air/Fuel ratio potentiometer replaced, ratio adjusted

Transmission shift point adjusted

Air pump (smog pump) clutch replaced

Air intake cleaned. Cold air intake with K&N cone filter

Engine and transmission mounts replaced

Full suspension rebuild. H&R lowering springs, Bilsteins shocks, all steering links replaced, wheel alignment. The car handled great

17” AMG style rims

In-dash CD player with stock amps

12’ Rockford Fosgate subwoofer installed in place of first aid kit. Enclosure was build as shallow box inside the trunk with 1.2 cubic feet displacement. Air tight with subwoofer sitting on rear deck inside wooden platform. Lots of work but sounded great.

Alarm buzzer replaced with soft sounding chime from Oldsmobile Silhouette, 2-way alarm/autostart system, Depo glass headlights with city lights, Smoked taillights

I was searching for AMG style bumper cover with fog lights or used stock white bumper cover to replace existing cracked cover but ended up selling the car as it was.

1992 Mercedes Benz 500SEL

Engine main wiring harness rebuild (every old wire replaced with new wiring)

Alternator lower wiring harness rebuild

Alternator voltage regulator replaced

Throttle body wiring replaced

Home-brew code reader built. Codes read and corrected

Door close assist pump adjusted

Bose amplifier rebuild (Speakers would make crackling sounds when radio first turned on. One speaker made sci-fi sound for a minute. All cause by dried capacitors. All capacitors replaced)  

Engine timing chain cover removal. All timing chain guides replaced, timing chain replaced, chain tensioner replaced.

Full tune up

A/C evaporator replaced ( Huge job. Dashboard and wiper mechanism removed, evaporator housing removed, evaporator replaced. After repair, A/C evaporator would go as cold as 32 degrees! )

Front suspension rebuild

Rear hydraulic strut upper bushings replaced (no more clunking over bumps)

Transmission replaced with 722.366 off 1992 400E model. That particular transmission always started in 1st gear as oppose to stock transmission starting in 2nd gear. Later, I had to take tranny out to replace failed oil pump bearing.

Depo Euro headlights with Porsche OEM 3 piece HID lightning with city lights installed, S600 front grill, 20% window tint, 20” chrome rims (They looked great but gave very bumpy and harsh ride. Later replaced with stock 2001 S500 16” rims)

Driver side window regulator replaced

Seat gear replaced (Rear portion would not rise. Gears are made of plastic and my gear had few teeth missing and was cracked in the middle)

Key in annoying buzzer replaced with soft chime from Oldsmobile Silhouette

CD/MP3 in-dash player with stock Bose amp integration, 2 12” subwoofers in the trunk

This car was done right, every single option worked right, stereo sounded awesome, and everyone loved the way the car looked on the outside. I loved that car even though I had to put so much time and effort to restore it!

1996 Mercedes Benz E320

Engine wiring harness partial rebuild, transmission shift linkage replaced. Received nice offer and sold this car right after I bought it.

1999 Mercedes Benz ML430

Full tune up

Oil access cover replaced, belt tensioner and idler pulley replaced,

Engine and transmission mounts replaced

Window regulator replaced

Torsion bar plastic bushings replaced (no more clunking when stopping and taking off)

Front shocks  (lower mounting bolts broke. Had to drill them out control arm, make new thread, use new bolts. What a mess!)

Alpine in-dash flip-out DVD player, Sirius satellite radio, 12” subwoofer, two amplifiers under rear seat, Pioneer 6.5” component speaker in front doors (stock, non-Bose system sounds horrible. Couldn’t stand it)

2001 style grill, LED taillights, newer style ML LED mirror blinkers, ML55 AMG HID headlights, LED third brake light, LED licence plate lights, LED cluster lights, under seats underglow

Sound proofed doors and rear hatch with Dynomat, Mass Loaded Vinyl, Closed Cell Foam

It seems I covered all repairs done to my cars. I might have skipped something that slipped out of my mind. Almost all repairs I did myself. It took some time and research but I saved tons of money over replacement parts and repair shops fees. Please visit my main page to learn how I can help you with my rebuild services.

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