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Welcome to RestoreYourMercedes.com!

Throttle body rewire and repairs, diagnostic and repair of various parts and modules, upgrades and enhancements.

Greetings my fellow Mercedes Benz owners!

My name is Victor and I would like to offer classic and modern Mercedes Benz vehicles repair services and share some knowledge earned over years working on my own and my clients Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Over years I owned and still own many Mercedes Benz vehicles: 1988 420SEL w126, 1990 300E w124, 1992 500SEL w140, 1996 E320 w210, 1997 E320 w210, 1997 C280 Sport, 2002 S500 w220, 1993 600SL, 1995 S600 coupe, 1999 ML430 w163, 1997 S320 SWB w140, 1999 C280, 2000 S430 W220, 500SL r129. I personally repair and maintain my family cars. Idea for website and offering repair service for MB’s came after I pretty much restored my 1992 500SEL w140. W140 are very complex cars and one can be lost in electrical and mechanical problems these beautiful cars can experience.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As of 2015 we now partnered with Magna Auto of Brooklyn,NY and offer complete Mercedes Benz repair and maintenance services.

Below is a link to my YouTube channel where I repair and test different Mercedes parts and components:



My 1997 S320 SWB with 117.000 miles. Picture taken the day I went to look at it. Now it has S600 grill, carbon fiber covered door handles, HID headlights, Pioneer radio. Gave it to my mother and keeping it mostly stock.

My first W140- 1992 500SEL. Lots of hard work and parts went into this car to bring it back to its glory. Bought it not running with 150,000 miles. Chain skipped two teeth on driver side camshaft but didn’t bend valves, luckily. Detailed repairs are covered under “Me and my cars” section. Loved this car a lot!

My 1999 ML430. Bought in 2008 with 129,000 miles. As of 6/2015 it has 205,000 miles. Runs strong, no major issues (knock on wood). 20” rims, ML55 OEM HID headlights, carbon fiber covered interior and exterior trim, Alpine 7” DVD receiver, Pioneer component speakers, 12” subwoofer in sealed box, two amps under rear seat, smoked LED tail lights, smoked mirror and fender blinkers, three way doors insulation, LED illumination under seats, fog lights activated. Still drive it, great in snow :)

Project: 1991 500SL with 174k miles. Car came in not running condition from CT. As of 1/2013 all electronics are repaired, ASR/ETA repaired, roof controller repaired, replaced: seats cushions, all vacuum hoses, window regulators, EHA valve, lower control arm mounts, front strut mounts, front shocks, breaks, adjusted idle control valve, soft top replaced, fuel distributor rebuilt, soft top hydraulic actuators rebuilt. Upgraded speakers with Pioneers, Alpine head unit, custom made 12” sealed subwoofer box behind seats, 5 channel amplifier in trunk.

Project: 2000 S430 with 140k miles, picture taken before car came to my shop after suffering fresh water computers damages, no start condition. AirMatic had some problems. Cleaned main ECU and repaired TCM, car starts, runs, drives fine now. Sorted AirMatic system, suspension rebuilt. In 2015 added hand-free bluetooth and media streaming device inside factory radio.

Here is my 93 600SL, one of photo shoot pictures.  This beauty has 25,288 original miles. As much as I love this car it is FOR SALE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO. I already have 500SL, S600, CL600. Drove this 600SL only once since driving it from IL to NY in 2013. It deserves nice next owner who loves Mercedes as much as I do.

Project: 95 S600 coupe with 175,000 miles. This car had many issues but in nice cosmetic condition. Engine ran on 9 cylinders and one of catalytic converter melted. Previous owner cut out cats and installed straight pipe. But they also cut out O2 sensors. Then door lock pump caught fire. After that incident previous owner was scared to drive it. Transmission slipped into 3rd and had no reverse. Replaced door lock pump, made engine run on all 12 cylinders, repaired alarm and keyless entry system, repaired power rear view mirror, rebuilt transmission, replaced steering angle sensor, rebuilt throttle bodies, rewired MAF wiring to computers connectors, rebuilt lower wiring harness, replaced front lower control arm bushings with polyurethane ones, bluetooth hands-free and media streaming device built into factory radio.

More project cars to come!

Project: 2003 CL600 bi-turbo. Just came in on 6/2015 right after 2004 SL55 AMG. This car is in nice condition but suffered ABC suspension failure. Customer drove it without hydraulic fluid for over 2 hours and it will need complete ABC system overhaul now. Rear is completely down and front has rubber inserts to keep it lifted. Pump is dry and does not create any pressure at all. There are other issues but suspension is on top of the list